Make Redemption Home

A class for those attending Redemption Church

An opportunity for anyone regularly attending Redemption Church to hear more about how they can connect at a deeper level to the life and ministry of Redemption.

"Make Redemption Home” is a fun, interactive, informative 75 minutes class where you can hear more about Redemption Church and how you can make Redemption Church your home church. The purpose of this class is to help those at Redemption Church move from attending Redemption (think of a guest in a home) to abiding at Redemption (think of actually living in a home).


1. Is Redemption Church the right church for me? (Thinking Biblically)

2. How do I make Redemption Church home? (Thinking practically)

This class will cover an in-depth look at Redemption Church’s Vision, Mission, Values and Roots. We will also talk through next steps for plugging in at a deeper level in serving, Small Groups, giving and membership.

Leave your information below to sign up for our next Make Redemption Home class! You will receive a notification confirming the time and date of our meeting. We are excited to have you take this next step and connect you with all that God is doing in and through Redemption Church.