Freedom from Strongholds and Hope for Enduring Suffering

Freedom Groups is a way to help people look at their sins, sorrows, and struggles beyond behavior and circumstance. Freedom Groups is not formal counseling but is designed to bring transformational change at the heart level. We get to the root level of the heart and view all of life through the lenses of the Gospel, in order to gain freedom in Jesus Christ. As a biblical, Christ-Centered alternative to secular and integrated recovery support groups, Freedom Groups target heart change, making them a place of hope and compassion for those caught in sin and those who are enduring suffering.

Through practical video teaching from experts in Soul Care and meaningful direction from other leaders, Freedom Groups fill a gap between small groups and formal counseling. Groups are smaller, discussion times are more focused on the heart, and all participants are there to address a significant struggle. It’s a place where you can get real among others while experiencing the support, care, and community of God. The focus is not on a revolving door of recovery but on a redeeming hope only found in Christ Jesus.

  • 2022-23 SCHEDULE TBD